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How can you cross off more items on your to-do list?

Even professionals that teach a lot of good leadership practices still struggle with crossing items off of their own to-do lists.

To-Do List Secret: Grammar is Key 

The biggest tip is that you need to make sure that any item on your to-do list has both a verb and a noun.

If you put on your to-do list planning for the new year, that would not be considered a verb. If instead, it is draft the plan for next year, that would be using a verb with a noun.  This method allows you to check it off as soon as you have the “draft” complete. 

If it is to send an email to the employees, then you can also check that off.

Simply writing down improved communication is not an action. It is an outcome that you are looking for. 

As you look at your own to-do list, here are a few suggestions for how you can reword them so that you can feel a sense of accomplishment when you check them off.
The biggest tip is that you need to make sure that any item on your to-do list has both a verb and a noun. Share on X

Number One: The Draft Plan

If you are planning for next year, write it as a draft plan for next year. That would be an easy one to do.

Number Two: Communicate for Next Year 

Communicate the plan for next year and make that a separate activity. 

Number Three: Review 

Schedule a meeting with the employees to review the plan.

By adding the verbs to your to-do list, you will be able to check them off and get a sense of achievement and accomplishment, and hopefully, you will be able to remove those items from clogging your to-do list going forward. 

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