Serve Colleagues Like Your Boss

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Most of us know you should work hard to keep your boss happy.

Happy boss, happy career.

But have you considered putting the same level of attention into keeping your colleagues happy?

Some leaders avoid being helpful to their colleagues, thinking that their only job is to keep their boss happy. Some might even think, “My colleagues should keep me happy because I’m their internal customer.” This is becoming a dated concept.

Instead of looking at your work relationships as internal customers and internal suppliers, why not look at it as collaboration?

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After all, within a company the ultimate goal is the same – to win the external customer. It’s not so much that you are here to serve me and do my bidding; it’s that we’re here to collaborate together to serve the external customers.


Why not see how you can be of service to others?

If you instill this in your team, then you shouldn’t see problems like leaving the department messy for the other shift or an unresponsive purchasing department or warehouse.

Ask the other departments and teams you work with: How can we collaborate together to win the customer?

If, after serving other people you’re still not receiving the support you need to be successful in your department, then reach out to your colleagues and ask for them to reciprocate. Most people, if you’re known to help them and treat them with trust and respect, will reciprocate the same to you. They will treat you with trust and respect.

So change your perspective. Serving your colleagues as if they are your boss becomes a win-win outcome for everyone.