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Want to stop losing employees? Consider creating a positive hope slope in your department.

Employees don’t make the decision to leave your company, or stay, based on whether the environment is terrible or awesome. They make the decision based on whether things are getting better or getting worse. Your job as the leader is to give employees hope that you are trying to make things better. As long as your team sees progress, they’re more likely to stick with the company, and stick with you as their leader of choice.

So here are a few tips for creating a positive Hope Slope.

List the frustrations. What are some of the things that happen and don’t happen that keep your team from being able to hit their goals as smoothly as possible? It could be people issues, equipment issues or materials issues.

Prioritize the opportunities. When you consider all the frustrations, where would you focus your attention to create the biggest improvement? Focus on those areas that make a big difference.

Then, implement your vision. Get your team involved in making improvements and enlist the support of other departments and leaders to make things more positive.

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Whats one thing youre doing to develop hope in your team?

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