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How can you achieve greater value from your leadership development efforts?

There is so much that is possible through the development of leaders. Take a look at the iceberg diagram below. When you see what is above the water, it is a small portion of the whole mass and we need to look deeper because an iceberg will move in the direction of its base, no matter what is done at the surface.

When you look into supervisor training courses, you will find that many of the bullet points look the same, so what really makes a difference? To find that, we must go below the line of water on the iceberg. At Front Line Leadership, we want to deliver three things:

leadership development iceberg

1. Demonstrated Behaviours

The number one thing that clients expect from us is that after training, their front-line leaders will be able to show and put into action the skills that we have taught them. It should be a baseline requirement of any leadership program, and we deliver on that consistently.

2. Quantified Impact

If people are using new behaviours, you should start to see measurable differences in productivity and quality. Even culture scores should rise. If all goes well, overall operational efficiency and profitability should increase. We quantify those behaviours and the impact that they are having using a proprietary leader-lytics system.

What most organizations want and need is leadership beyond supervision. How can you achieve greater value from your leadership development efforts? Share on X

3. Sustained Change

If your leaders take a training course, you want changes to become engrained and prevalent in the culture of your organization, that improves leadership at every level to deliver excellence. Do the learned skills get demonstrated over time?

What most organizations really want and need is leadership beyond supervision. This is the deepest possible value that you can drive by building the skills of your leaders. It means having a tried, field tested method that proves to create a leadership engine inside your organization to drive operational excellence, and sustain that over time to create future leaders.

That’s what we do using our Front Line Leadership training. If you are interested, reach out to us and start a conversation about how your organization can go from simply thinking about supervisory training to driving towards leadership beyond supervision.