What Do You Value?

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What do you value as a leader?

People can tell what you value based on what you talk about, what you focus on, and what you spend your time on. It is the same within an organization. Your employees are paying attention to these things.

Do your values reflect what you care about as a leader and within your organization? Use these three tips to build meaningful value:

1. Spend time on what is important.

If you listened in on many of the production and operations meetings in your organization, you would probably acknowledge that one of the things you value, according to what you pay attention to, is the number of units, tons, or pounds produced.

You value production. However, production is only the starting point. There are many other factors that your organization should consider to be important enough to take up time.

2. Measure and reward the things that are important.

What you pay attention to becomes what people think your values are. If you have some form of incentive system, that can help shape what employees think you care about.

Make sure you are measuring and rewarding the things that you want your employees to think that you place value on.

3. Connect the dots.

It is important for employees to be able to link back what you are talking about and what you are doing so that they see a clear link between your organization’s values and what you are asking them to do every day.

If you can make more of those connections obvious to them, they will have no doubt as to what your values are.

Once your team has a shared sense of values, it is important that they keep driving towards those values. In turn, you will have the best performance ever in your organization.

We look forward to being your partner in building strong values and strong leaders.