Your Greatest Leadership Successes

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No doubt you’ve learned from your mistakes, but what have you learned from your successes?

There is a treasure trove of learning you can get by reflecting on your past successes.

You’ve heard the expression, “you learn a lot from your mistakes”, and certainly a lot of your leadership lessons have probably come from doing something wrong and then reflecting on it and trying not to repeat it again.

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But what have you actually succeeded in as a leader?

When you reflect on your successes, think about:

  • What has worked well for you?
  • Why did it work so well?
  • How did it then go on to build your confidence and your capability to take on future challenges?

Your successes may be in the areas of learning some of the secrets to managing the people on your team, or managing the different personalities, or how you were able to integrate new team members a little bit more seamlessly, and get them up to speed faster.

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Maybe you had some success in cross-training your team to increase its flexibility, or maybe you got people to be more accountable by asking them questions instead of dispensing answers all the time.

Once you’ve taken an inventory of the things you’re good at, that you’ve learned along the way as a leader, then you can look at the areas you want to strengthen further and how you will then apply those successes to get to the next level.

If you’ve increased your effectiveness at certain employee interactions and getting the most out of your team, how could you then take them up another level in their performance, in their accountability?

How could you then position yourself for future promotion?

I know some leaders may think, “Hey, I don’t want the headaches that come with moving up another level from where I’m at right now.” When you’ve mastered the success of leadership, you can probably do it at a much higher level and impact even more people with your leadership success.