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Does emotion trump logic, or does logic trump emotion?

If one of your team members is upset, frustrated, and emotional, should you talk to them rationally and logically?

Even the most logical people tend to be more emotional than they would like to admit.

You can make more of an emotional impact on your team by letting them vent their emotion out.

Do not interrupt someone before they are able to express themselves. Let them express their frustrations and acknowledge that they are upset. You can then have a logical, calm conversation.

Even if someone is not upset, you can make more positive emotions occur in your team.

This is very important to your team’s morale. When you make your employees feel listened to, it influences how much they appreciate their work environment.

Even the most logical people tend to be more emotional than they would like to admit. Create a positive impact on your team and improve morale with these three tips: Share on X

Create a positive emotional impact with these tips:

Tip #1: Create a sense of belonging.
As human beings, we need to be a collective. We want to work with people. If you make your employees feel welcome and treat them well, they will feel a sense of belonging.

Tip #2: Reward emotion with encouragement.
The problem is not that people think too highly of themselves—they actually have a lot of self-doubts.

If your team seems like it is lacking in self-confidence or has doubts about their effectiveness, it is your job to empower them and get them out of “imposter syndrome”. Interact with them on a consistent basis and give them the positive encouragement they need. This acts as fuel for future success.

Tip #3: Remember that emotion is influenced by momentum.
When you are trying to make change happen, it is important to acknowledge the progress along the way. If you know your team has hit important milestones during a big project, let them know!

This momentum will shift their emotion towards moving forward. With continuous encouragement, they will be more motivated to achieve even more.

When you set the stage for positive emotional events, encourage your employees to work and problem-solve together, you will then create a positive culture in your department.

How do you create this environment in your business?