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What Great Supervisors Know

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Supervisors are caught in the middle between management and employees.  This pocket-sized book has a collection of the best tips for being a successful supervisor.  The book is available for free as an e-book or may be purchased in hard copy.


About this Book

Being a supervisor is a challenge.Caught in the middle between management and employees, supervisors are accountable for the results they generate and how they treat their employees.

While some supervisors struggle in their role, others are calm and confident.

This book is a collection of some of the best leadership ideas and practices we have taught and observed in supervisors during more than 20 years of providing supervisor and leadership training.The best practices apply to anyone in a leadership role.

What’s in the Book?

Your supervisors will appreciate having this information at their fingertips:

  • From doer to leader
  • Constructive thinking and behavior
  • Balancing task and people
  • Motivating employees
  • Having a vision for the workgroup
  • Self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Your role in the leadership team
  • Confronting and correcting performance
  • Avoiding silos
  • Dealing with prima donnas
  • Inter-shift handoff
  • Dealing with a difficult employee
  • Conducting a shift start meeting
  • Negative attitudes
  • Keeping good documentation
  • Managing conflict
  • Walking the department
  • Leading by example—safety
  • Effective communication
  • Leading by example—attendance
  • Avoiding sarcasm
  • Leading by example—quality
  • Being a good listener
  • Leading by example—teamwork
  • Explaining “why”
  • Continuous improvement
  • Email communication
  • Problem solving
  • Friendship and leadership
  • Leading change
  • Being approachable
  • Working with maintenance
  • Focusing on positives
  • Training employees
  • Being accountable
  • Delegation
  • Challenging employees to
    think for themselves

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