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Employees Not Doing What You Expect

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For many managers, dealing with employee problems is their biggest source of frustration.  This book offers practical solutions on how to solve existing problems and prevent new problems from occurring.  This book has been published in North America, India, Latin America and Korea, which speaks to its appeal.

A Must Have for Leaders

Today, you can take action to eliminate the major source of stress, frustration and aggravation that comes with being a manager, executive or supervisor.

Learn the secrets to dealing with employee problems more quickly, more easily and preventing them from happening again.  This book, Employees Not Doing What You Expect allows you to get the answers you need.

Designed to Save You Time

How does this book save you time?  The hundreds of reasons people don’t do what we expect have been distilled into the 12 most common reasons, one in each chapter.  This makes the information easier to access, use and remember.

The book’s design gives you the information you need in a sequence that lets you solve the most frequent challenges more quickly and easily.

More than half of all the people problems you face will be in the first three chapters.

The earlier chapters cover situations that occur most often and are easiest to correct. The next few chapters deal with reasons that occur less frequently and are more difficult to change. The final chapters are devoted to those factors that you are less likely to experience but which are serious, difficult to manage and usually require professional assistance to solve.

Five Reasons You Will Love this Book and Turn to it Again and Again

  1. Stories:  Real leaders share their real stories. Share in their failures, see how they move ahead, learn and try new approaches.  Then celebrate and cheer their successes.  You can share what they’ve learned without the years of suffering and pain.
  2. Quotations:  Words from the famous and not so famous support the information presented and generate greater understanding.
  3. Smile Break:  Enjoy the humor that provides insights from unique perspectives.
  4. The Style and Structure: Each chapter covers one of the reasons people don’t do what we expect. You’ll find it easy to get the information you need.
  5. The Content:  The information is so useful, so thought-provoking and so complete, that you will automatically find yourself looking to this book whenever you have an employee concern.  For the same reason you will hesitate to lend it to others. The solution, buy them a copy. They will thank you many times for the gift.

Achieve Seven Personal Benefits

This book can help you avoid problems; it will build your confidence, banish those sleepless nights, improve yourreadiness for promotion and increase your potential for career advancement.  It’s an important step to your future success.  Discover how leadership can be both rewarding and enjoyable.

Buy this book for yourself and someone else.


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