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I’m hoping that many listeners have had the pleasure of working for a really great manager or supervisor sometime in their career. We can learn alot from the good manager’s we have worked for.

As you are reading this segment I want you to think back to the best boss you ever had and why they are the best in your mind.

Here are some characteristics that we typically hear from people:

– Proactive and positive – make things happen, are positive and cheerful

– Communicate well – kept people informed, gave clear instructions

– Good listeners – believe there is much to be learned from employees, always open to good ideas and feedback

– Are approachable which we talked about last week

– Delegate effectively

– Lead by example – walks the talk

– Reads situations and people well

– Are good trainers

– Care about people and show it

– Fair honest and consistent

– Know how to correct

– Know how to accept correction

How can a leader develop themselves in these areas?
– take courses, read books
– practice
– find a mentor and ask for help

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