What Makes a Good Co-Worker?

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We spend so much of our time at work that the people we work with are important people in our lives. And just like family they can be annoying sometimes or they can be a pleasure to work with.

From interacting with thousands of people from hundreds of different workplaces, here are some of the characteristics of an effective co-worker:

– A person who is friendly, but not too friendly. It’s great to have someone to talk to, who will listen and show an interest on what’s going on in our life – but not share so much that their excess socializing keeps us from getting our work done.

– We want a co-worker who is positive and upbeat – as opposed to someone who constantly complains – or is the Black Cloud of the workplace. Negative co-workers can be Kryptonite and suck all the energy out of us – so make sure that you smile and focus on positives more than negatives.

– Be perky but not too perky – we like positive people but some co-workers overdo it – they brag about how their life is perfect but it’s quite obvious that it isn’t – often these people are too loud and become annoying.

– We want co-workers who will watch our back – people who will chip in and help out, make sure we know what’s going on – people who won’t gossip about us behind our backs and won’t stab us in the back to the boss in order to make themselves look good.

– We want co-workers who do their share – especially if we are paid the same – we want them to
do their fair share of the work – so don’t waste lots of time on personal stuff and then complain about not having enough time to get your work done.

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