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In the spirit of the Olympic games, it is interesting to think about whether your performance at work would deserve a gold medal and how to achieve greater excellence.

1. Be absolutely clear in your vision and goal – Many of today’s medalists finished out of the medals in previous games. They trained and came back even better than before. So strive for your best performance. Think about your long term vision for success and break it into achieveable stretch goals you can achieve along the way.

2. Training is important – As an Olympian you spend four years preparing for the opportunity to go for gold. Michael Phelps follows a rigorous daily training regimen over in Ann Arbor Michigan. Think about what you need to get better at and take time each day to grow your performance. Try something new, use a new technique.

3. Good coaching and mentorship – Most athletes have coaches and trainers to help them achieve peak performance. Who can you look to in your organization or industry to provide honest feedback on what would make you a gold medalist?

4. Look forward to the challenge of competition – Look forward to those opportunities when you can demonstrate your capabilities. Look forward to the challenges presented to you at work. This is your chance to shine and prove to yourself that you are a champion.

5. Celebration – After you perform to your personal best, or win the gold medal, take time to celebrate your success. Use it as motivation to climb even higher.

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