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How can you as a supervisor be seen as a hero by your team?

It might seem strange to be referred to as a hero, but in a way, it is the same way that a child looks up to their parent as a hero. The parent makes things happen, gives them what they need and encourages them to grow. As a supervisor, you play that role with your team. Your team is supposed to stay in production areas to do their jobs, and you run interference for them and work to make their jobs easier.

Use these three tips to be a hero for your team by making it easier for them to perform and hit their targets:

  1. List the frustrations.

If you are going to be a hero, it helps to know what problems you are trying to solve. Be sure to take an inventory, or if your team shares things as ideas for improvement, then list them out so that you have a to-do list.

It is not just about being a hero once, you want to be seen over time as systematically making the job easier, removing the frustrations and hassles to doing the job. A list will help you do that.

Become a hero for your team by making it easier for them to perform and hit their targets. Share on X
  1. Go to bat for your team.

Your team needs you to represent them with management because they often do not get to interact directly with management. You are their ambassador. You represent them with management.

If you do not bring your team’s issues or needs forward to management, they will never get dealt with because they cannot go to management themselves. Be their hero by getting them what they need and advocating for them with management and other departments.

  1. Promote the progress.

It is one thing to be a hero, but if you never remind people that you have been systematically helping make the job easier and removing frustrations, they might not recognize that. Without being too self-promotional, be sure to let your team know and remind them of some of the achievements and accomplishments. You can even give them credit for it.

This way, they will see that over time, you have been working to make their jobs easier and easier, removing frustrations and hassles.

Once you have figured out how to be a hero, you might decide it takes more than just doing that to become an excellent leader. You are going to want to develop your skills further, and this can be done in our Front Line Leadership training program either in person or virtually.

No matter how, we look forward to helping you on your leadership journey.

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