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Here are some ideas on how to deal with uncertainty:

1. A lot of news and even the internal grapevine in your company deals with speculation – what might happen. It’s important to clarify things down to what you know as a fact. It helps cut through the clutter when you focus on the facts as you know them today.

2. Put things in perspective – with all the doom and gloom – remember that some people are less affected by current circumstances – teachers, health care workers, many government workers, retirees, the food industry, the energy industry. So we’re not looking at a total collapse.

3. What’s the worst that can happen? And can you live through it? When you look at what people have to deal with in their lives, there isn’t anything that we are not capable of dealing with. It might not be the best, but the important things remain – love, family.

4. Get away from it – If you can, take some time to go for a walk, enjoy the beauty around you. Get away from the pressure cooker. Avoid negative people and negative news.

5. Stay centered – Many people report that staying spiritually centered helps them deal with the worst that life can throw at them. When I went through difficult times, I spent more time meditating and praying. Find your center and you will feel a sense of calm.

6. Look for the positives and the opportunities – a successful mindset is where you look for opportunities instead of challenges. What you focus on becomes your frame of reference.

7. What are your options? Sometimes we become blinded by thinking we have no options. You can take a course, change careers, open a business, move to a new city, pursue a new passion, retire early – think of all the possibilities and then narrow them down.

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