On Demand 3-Course Bundle (Pick 3)

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Enroll your front line supervisors, managers, and team leaders in our On Demand 3-course bundle, which includes any three of our most popular topics—you get to pick!

All of our courses are an engaging mix of videos, light reading, activities, reflections, and quizzes to keep participants interested and focused while learning the skills it takes to be a successful front line leader. They include downloadable content, including helpful visuals and templates that participants can use on the job. And because the courses are on demand, the learners can complete them at their own pace.

At the end of each course, learners will use our Leader Behavior Builder™️ to set a commitment to put one new leadership behavior into action. A progress report will be available at the end of the commitment time (usually 30 days) so you can see how your leaders have grown their capabilities.