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Does your team complain about how the other shift leaves your department in terms of messiness, low inventory or lack of supplies?

In this leader feeder, we’re going to learn why you should stop complaining about the other shift.

When the employees on your shift complain about the previous one, do you join in on that complaining? It can be frustrating to try and get your shift up and running when the previous shift hasn’t left the workplace in ideal conditions.

Before you join in on the chorus of complaints, use them to motivate your team to leave the department the way they would like it left for them. Consider it to be like the “golden rule” where you treat others as you would like to be treated.

Once you’ve got your shift running smoothly and are consistently leaving it in good shape for the next shift, you can approach the leader of the other shift and ask that they give your shift the same courtesy.

The law of reciprocation is that when you do something nice for someone else, they will be inclined to do something nice for you.

Complaining will often lead to more of the same.  So remember to make a commitment to stop complaining and instead focus on setting the example for your team as well as the other shifts.

A proactive and positive solution creates a win-win scenario for everyone. Share on X

Whats one way you create harmony across different shifts in your workplace?