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Act With Urgency

Act With Urgency act with urgency

 How can you counter the drift of mediocre leadership and act with a sense of urgency? Do not delay in taking actions to boost your leadership effectiveness. Below, you can see a model on how to counter the drift of mediocre leadership. There is the current situation and a line to indicate the future […]

A Hero’s Journey

A Hero’s Journey a hero's journey

How can you move from being a hero to creating other heroes? Today, I want to share with you a well-known Hollywood method for writing most action movie scripts and romantic comedies. You can also use this as part of your journey to making other people heroes in your organization. A hero’s journey is the […]

Be Your Team’s Hero

Be Your Team’s Hero Be Your Team’s Hero

 How can you as a supervisor be seen as a hero by your team? It might seem strange to be referred to as a hero, but in a way, it is the same way that a child looks up to their parent as a hero. The parent makes things happen, gives them what they […]

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