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High achievers are prone to enter a time in their career where they plateau or stall. Perhaps promotions are not coming as fast and furious as they once did or in some cases, they have achieved every goal they have set and have run out of challenges. Achievers will ask themselves, “Is this all there is?” After striving for success, when success levels out, the feeling of advancement is replaced by a feeling of stagnation. This condition could be called Achievers Depression or Career Stall.

The symptoms of this condition can include:

  • Bitterness or negativity that replaces a generally positive view of work.
  • Overly critical of peers, employees and even the boss – disappointment in self can lead to disappointment in others.
  • Moodiness – Either disengagement and withdrawal or aggression or a combination of both.
  • Feeling of being trapped – promotions often take longer and external opportunities may be harder to come by.

This perceived lack of control can cause a corresponding reaction of defensiveness, either aggressive or passive.

Prescription for Performance

  1. Re-establish Goals – An achiever needs goals to achieve and so I recommend setting new goals that will motivate the drive to succeed.
  2. Focus on building up others – After achieving personal success, I recommend that the individual help others succeed. Growing others is different kind of achievement and is personally rewarding.
  3. Decide What You Truly Want -If your true desires cannot be satisfied from your current situation then determine what would make you happy and make the change.
  4. Appreciate the Opportunity – A career stall presents an opportunity to reflect and regroup. Instead of seeking a quick and easy answer, spend time contemplating the next step. Making a rash decision can lead to further diappointment.

If you are feeling stalled, consider a coaching session or two in order to set a new course for yourself.