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Leadership Strategies to Grow Sales in a Recession Video

If you missed our live seminar and webinar, now is your opportunity to purchase the recorded version of the one-hour webinar. Watch it personally or get your team together and watch as a group.

Click here to preview the program video and purchase it now.

This presentation covers the following information designed to help you boost your sales in a difficult economic environment:

  • How to turn order takers into order makers
  • How to manage your sales funnel to create more sales
  • How to get more people in your organization involved in revenue generation
  • How to focus on lead measures instead of lag measures to increase sales before your actual sales numbers are posted
  • How to reenergize and refocus your sales team on using consultative selling skills to increase the closing ratio
  • How to increase your share of the customer’s wallet and take business away from competitors
  • How to refocus on the problems being experienced by your customer and position your solution to helping solve those problems.

Click here to preview the first six minutes of the video and see if the whole program could be of benefit.

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