Employee Of The Month Is A Bad Idea

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Employee Of The Month Is A Bad Idea

Employee Of The Month Is A Bad Idea Employee Of The Month manufacturing

 I want to confront something that companies, even to this day, still do, that I think is a horrible idea. Employee of the month. There’s different variations of this same concept. You might have crew of the month, team of the month, or location of the month. It all starts out innocently enough. The […]

Proactive vs. Reactive Leaders

Proactive vs. Reactive Leaders proactive leader

 Ask yourself, are you proactive or reactive as a leader? How much of your time is spent reacting to problems versus being more proactive in the leadership of your department? Let’s look at how you can shift some of your attention to being more proactive and less reactive. Effects of Reactional Leadership As a […]

How To Provide More Recognition At Work

How To Provide More Recognition At Work

You don’t have to go to many management or leadership classes to learn that more positive feedback is something that all leaders should be using to motivate their team and encourage them to hit even more ambitious goals. But why don’t leaders give more positive recognition? The number one reason is, when things are busy […]

Sports coaching vs the voodoo approach

Historically, trainers and coaches rely on the trickle down method of impacting an organization: train or coach the boss and then everyone who reports to that person will change their behavior and the organization will benefit. Or sometimes the opposite approach is taken – put the staff/employees through training, thinking that will change things, only […]