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Productivity should be a major focal point for virtually every leader, because your team’s output has a direct impact on revenue and cost.

Productivity is how much output your team can generate within the resources you have available. The more you can produce with the resources available, the greater the value your team generates.

A warning though, safety and quality should not be sacrificed for the sake of productivity. The safety of your team is your top priority, followed by ensuring the quality of work remains intact so that it meets the standards of the customer. You never want to rush work in the name of “being productive” and risk injuries or producing sloppy work.

Automation is often cited as a major job killer. Yet, one of the reasons that all of us enjoy a greater standard of living is because we can produce more, at a higher value because of automation and technology. Companies are able to pay their workers better wages, because they can generate more output for every hour of labor. If all work was done manually, wages would stagnate.

If you’re not focused on productivity, you’re leaving major opportunities on the table for your competitors. If they create a more productive workforce, whether through automation, or better processes you risk the profitability and viability of your business.

Look for ways that will help your workforce produce more. It isn't just a matter of forcing your team to work faster. Share on X

Usually, it’s about reducing idle time when the machine, or the individual isn’t producing anything. Or, it can be about reducing changeover time from running one job to running another.

Focus on helping your team become more productive to help your organization as a whole, and you’ll help your team feel better about their output.

What’s one thing you do to help your team become more productive?