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Why Messages Don’t Make It To The Shop Floor
We are going to look at some of the reasons why executive and management messages never seem to make it to the frontline employees. It can be frustrating as a manager and executive when the important decisions you make don’t end up permeating down to the frontline employees. You count[...]
Why Safety at Amtrak is a Leadership Problem, Not a Compliance Problem
Amtrak experienced another tragic accident on Sunday that resulted in the death of the train engineer and conductor and injured a reported 116 passengers. While the focus was on the absence of Positive Train Control (PTC) which would potentially have brought the train to a halt without intervention by the[...]
How To Provide More Recognition At Work
You don’t have to go to many management or leadership classes to learn that more positive feedback is something that all leaders should be using to motivate their team and encourage them to hit even more ambitious goals. But why don’t leaders give more positive recognition? The number one reason[...]
Balancing an Open Door Policy with Respect for Chain of Command
We’re going to look at the open door policy, the chain of command, and how you respect that. As a frontline leader or a senior manager, you want to encourage people to come and talk to you about a variety of different subjects. That’s the open door policy, anyone can[...]
Better Business Bureau Radio Show Interview
I recently sat down with Ask BBB hosts Jim Swan and Linda Smith to talk business, books and more. The following is a transcript of our interview: Greg Schinkel So here we are, taping the BBB course radio segment, with Jim Swan and Linda Smith from the BBB. Jim Swan[...]