Experts in Front Line Leadership

3 Things You Can Do To Be A Better Listener
Be a Better Listener Most good listeners work hard at listening. It might come easier for some people than others, but you can work on your listening skills. And when you do become a better listener, you’ll notice that your relationships improve, performance increases and your own ability to persuade[...]
How to Avoid Causing Emotional Injury to Others
Always present and mostly sitting in the background, is the evidence that emotion significantly overrides logic. Employees often share situations where they felt disrespected or belittled and how it impacted their ability to trust others. Some of those emotional injuries and scars were from personal experiences at home as a[...]
Tips for Cross Training Your Team
Having a flexible workgroup that can adapt to fluctuations in workload will make it easier for you to schedule and complete the work your team faces on a daily basis. Cross training also helps your employees feel more valuable because they can perform different job tasks. It also adds a[...]
Three Tips to Increase Employee Involvement
How to Increase Employee Involvement Involving your employees helps accomplish a number of positive things, such as: Your team members will buy into change more easily when you ask them for input. Because many jobs can become boring or routine, asking for input can add some variety and challenge and[...]
How to Manage Millennials
A lot has been written about the differences in managing millennials. Here are some practical changes you can make as a leader, to manage the younger members of your workforce. First, remember that millennials are also known as generation Y. And Millennials are least likely to like being called a[...]